TTG is certified INCERT installer for the intruder detection and BOSEC for the Fire detection. 

The panels and detectors that TTG sets up meet the INCERT regulations for the Intruder detection and the BOSEC regulations according to the European standards EN54 for the Fire detection.

BOSEC Fire detection certificates

Certificate n° TCC 2 - F 010/e
Certificate Fire detection FALCONnet with multisensor ACA-E
Certificate Fire detection FALCONnet with thermal detector ACB-E
Certificate Fire detection FALCONnet with optical detector ALG-EN
Certificate FALCONnet system with components according to EN54-13

S3100 Intruder detection certificates (FOXnet + components) according to INCERT

Certificate B-1555/a

Certificate B-506-0001c
Certificate B-506-0002b
Certificate B-506-0003b
Certificate B-506-0004b
Certificate B-506-0005b

TTG is certified ISO9001 and VCA.